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multichannel analyzer

Our Multi-channel Analyzer is capable of collecting 1k, 2k, 4k or 8k spectra from a traditional parallel output ADC. It makes it possible to extend the life of your old, but good working ADC and connect it via USB or even Ethernet to your new modern computer system. It provides flexible programmable interface for easy connection to your existing ADC equipment.

In other words - don't hurry to scrap your old NIM ADC. Instead - contact us to check the options to extend its life. Our customers successfully attached the USB-MCA to Silena 7411, Canberra 8075, Ortec 800 and others. In addition to high performance hardware, a simple to use MS Windows based Readout Software is available.


Performance characteristics:
Spectra size 1024, 2048, 4096 or 8192 data channels
Capture time 120 ns
Input specifications:
Data input Parallel, up to 13 bit, TTL/LVTTL
Control signals TTL/LVTTL
Mechanical and environmental:
Dimensions 125 x 60 x 30 mm
Weight 120 g
Operating temperature 0 to +70� C
Power requirements:
Powered by USB +5 V / 50 mA
LAN with ext. power +5 V / 380 mA
RS232 with ext. power +5 V / 100 mA
Interface specifications:
USB/LAN transfer speed 1.5 Mbaud
RS232 transfer speed 115.200 Kbaud