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TOIVEL Ltd. (former ToIvEl Co.) is a private Bulgarian company since 1991.

Our main activity is based on research and development of high-tech products - embedded systems, industrial equipment and nuclear electronics.

Our team consists of high skilled professionals who contribute to the development of the company.

Over the years we have developed a number of instruments and industrial equipments. They are being used for many years in laboratories, institutes, universities and heavy industry plants around the world.

The latest products are based on the today's cutting edge software and electronic technology.

  • Our Analog to Digital Converter, combined with Multichannel Analyzer could be used with the latest Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) systems. It is capable of performing high speed and high precision measurements in the laboratories as well as in the industry.
  • Newly developed Digital Signal Processing System is intended to omit the disadvantages of popular shaping amplifiers and achieve even higher performance and accuracy.
  • Special purpose Shaping Amplifier has been especially developed for multi-source applications. A fully software programmable 16-channel modules are used in multi-source systems.
  • A user friendly Readout and Analysis Software offers both ease of use of our instruments and basic spectroscopy tools for X-ray fluorescent analysis. It is capable of operating and controlling our Analog to Digital Converter, Digital Signal Processing System and USB-MCA.

Being strong in R&D, we at TOIVEL always strive to improve our products and broaden our range of instruments. Check our site soon to see what new products will be added to our range of measurement equipment.