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DSP-spectrometer is a high performance digital pulse processing system, employing adaptive matched filtering to process signals from semiconductor detectors. A built-in Multi-Channel Analyzer (MCA) is capable of capturing 4K spectra.

The analog part employs well known differentiating and P/Z circuits along with programmable amplifier. It replaces the shaping amplifier of a typical spectroscopy equipment.

The digital pulse processing part incorporates specialized custom signal processing core and MCA, optimized for fast spectra capture and transfer. Collected spectra is continuously transferred for visualization to a Spectroscopy Analysis Software using USB interface.

This digital pulse processor has remarkable performance both in low and high count rates and works with virtually any semiconductor detector system.

DSP Spectrometer - stand alone device
DSP Spectrometer - stand alone device

DSP Spectrometer
DSP Spectrometer


Performance characteristics:
Resolution 4096 data channels
ADC type (conversion method) Multiple sampling with adaptive digital filtering
ADC conversion time based on pulse shaping time
Signal shaping time 0.25 �s to 8 �s in 6 steps
Selectable signal polarity  
Integral non-linearity TBD
Differential non-linearity TBD
Analog input specifications:
Dynamic input range ±2.5 V
Mechanical and environmental:
Dimensions 140 x 60 x 20 mm
Weight 80 g OEM, 1Kg
Operating temperature 0 to +40� C
Power requirements:
Supply voltage / current 12 V DC / 200mA
Gate input specifications:
Gated operation logic level TTL (LVTTL)
Serial interface specifications:
UART transfer speed 115.200 Kbaud
USB transfer speed 1.5 Mbps
Electrical interface:
BNC/Lemo PA input
BNC/Lemo GATE input
JST connector +12v
USB connector B type
Programmable controls:
P/Z adjustable in 100 steps
Coarse gain 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x
Fine gain adjustable in 65535 steps
Optional controls:
Detector temperature control 0 V to +2.5 V
SPI control LVTTL